MCS-052 : Principles of Management and Information Systems Assignment Questions

MCS-052 : Principles of Management and Information Systems

Assignment Number : MCA(5)/052/Assign/09

Maximum Marks : 100                      Weightage : 25%

Last Dates of Submission : 15th April, 2009 (for January session), 15th October, 2009 (for July session)

Q1: What is Portfolio management? What are the various methods used to create and balance the portfolio from highly strategic to tactical? How do you calculate the expected commercial value of the project?

Q2: (a) Show the various stages in data warehousing and business analytics and also explain it in brief.

(b) What are the important metrics of business performance management?

Q3: Identify new technological trends and its impacts. Also discuss the ethical issues related to technologies advancement.

Q4: Make a visit to any organization (Bank, LIC, Municipal Corporation etc) and discuss the following:

(i) Draw the organizational structure and identify the reasons for such structure and its shortcomings.

(ii) Identify any five business functions and unique characteristics of such organizational structure.

(iii) Identify the roles Played by different levels of management in that organization.

(iv) How the human information system is maintained in this organization ?

Q5: How do conventional application package and ERP differ? How to ensure that the ERP implementation should not fail?

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