MCS-051 : Advanced Internet Technologies Assignment Questions

MCS-051 : Advanced Internet Technologies

Q1: Write a program using Servlet and JDBC for developing an online submission of an examination form. You are required to create a database comprising of the following fields:-

I. Student Name

II. Enrollment No.

III. Course Code (s)

IV. Regional Center Code

V. E-mail Id

Q2: Create a table of a medal tally of the Olympic Games as an XML document. The table must have the name of the country, No. of Gold medals, No. of Silver medals, and bronze medals and its total numbers.

Q3: Using Servlet, JSP, JDBC and XML create a web application for a courrier company to provide online help in tracking the delivery status of items.

Q4: Write a JSP program which displays a webpage containing arrival of new items within a particular month in the different branches of a retail company.

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