Admission for B.Ed. Counseling for Jan 2010 (IGNOU Regional Center, Varanasi)

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IGNOU Regional Centre, Varanasi

B.Ed. Counseling

"Offer of Admission" letters for counseling to B.Ed. 2010 session to all eligible candidates by Speed Post.

Counseling Scheduled:

S.No. Category Date of Counseling Marks obtained in Entrance Test held on 16th August 2009
1 General 31.10.2009, Saturday 71 to 46 marks
2 General 01.11.2009, Sunday 45 to 43 marks
3 OBC (Non Creamy Layer) 02.11.2009, Monday 42 to 35 marks
4 Scheduled Tribe 05.11.2009, Thursday 41 to 31 marks
5 Scheduled Caste 05.11.2009, Thursday 42 to 30 marks
6 Physically Handicapped 05.11.2009, Thursday 40 to 32 marks
7 War Widow 05.11.2009, Thursday 33 marks
More Details Admission for B.Ed.

Admission fee :

Rs. 17,400/- (Rupees seventeen thousand four hundred only)

Demand Draft :

In favour of IGNOU payable at Varanasi.

1. Candidates should bring all relevant papers mentioned in the "Offer of the Admission" letter on the date of counseling.

2. The candidates under OBC category code - D4-B (Non-Creamy Layer) should submit the annual income certificate at the date of counseling. (The annual income of the candidates under OBC (Non Creamy Layer) shout not exceeds 4.5 lakh per annum).

3. Do not forget to collect your Identity Card and Study Material from the Regional Centre on the day of counselling (only eligible candidates).

4. If the qualified candidates of above categories do not receive any offer letter they may contact to the IGNOU Regional Centre, Varanasi for duplicate.

Note: Deficient forms will be rejected at the time of counseling. IGNOU is not responsible for any postal delay.


IGNOU Regional Centre,

Gandhi Bhawan, B.H.U. Campus

Lanka, Varanasi.

More Details visit:

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