IGNOU announces vocational courses for the Rural Youths

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IGNOU announces vocational courses for the Rural Youths

Regional Institute of Vocational Education and Training (RIVET) is a recent initiative of IGNOU for widespread implementation of VETprogrammes, especially for the Rural youths in the remote/rural areas of the country. To make this possible, RIVET has entered into an MOA with SREI-SAHAJ e-Village Ltd., a subsidiary of SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd. in states of Assam, Bihar, Odisha, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir for delivery of e-learning vocational programes at the Gram Panchayet level. This joint endeavour has already achieved synchronization of their set-ups for online delivery of the following five vocational courses whose detailed particulars are given below:

Prog. Code Title of the programme Eligibility Duration
Prog. Fees (Rs.)
CCB Certificate in Computer Basics Class X or equivalent 3 1800
CAC Certificate in Advanced Computing Class XII or Pre-Requisite of Basic Computer or equivalent 6 6500
CJT Certificate in Job Trainer Class X or equivalent 3 700
CIE Certificate in Interview Etiquette Class XII or equivalent 3 800
DAC Diploma in Advanced Computing Class XII or equivalent 12 8000

Special Features:

  • Modular and flexible ways in accessing vocational education from remote areas

  • Development of professional skills for in-service learners and students.

  • Industry oriented program curriculum.

  • Online registration & enrolment

  • Online program materials, examination and certification

  • No waiting period between program completion and getting a Certificate for the same

  • Benefit for Registered learners in on current Job Offers exclusive to IGNOU learners

More Details:

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