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Indira Gandhi National Open University
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Maximum Duration Fixed in Management Programmers

Attestation of old students of Management Programmers of IGNOU and MBA (B&F) is invited to the maximum duration of 8 years fixed for the Programmed.

Accordingly, all the old students (3.81 lakh students) have been informed to successfully complete all the requirements for the award of Degree/Diploma by December 2010 Term-end Examination positively, failing which they will have to seek admission afresh to complete the left-over courses.

The Circular letter dates 1st February 2007 sent to 3.81 lakh students registered up to the year 2006 could be downloaded from the website: (Students Zone).

Re-registration for July 2010 session is open now (left date to submit the RR From with late fee at the respective Regional Centre is 20.06.201).

Re-registration from can be download from the website (Students Zone).

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