IGNOU organise Induction programme at Bhalessa

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By Sadaket Malik: The Special Study Centre (No. 1264_D), Bhalessa of the

The Centre is perpetuating a series of seminars & debates and an awareness campaign, with help from local NGO - National Students Welfare Association (NSWA), to make the youth familiar with the courses and objectives of the university.

Mr. Sadaket Malik, coordinator of the Centre, and his team has come to the forefront to make the area educationally advanced, by attracting as many students as possible towards higher education.

Bhalessa - located 350 kilometers away from Jammu, the winter capital of J&K, is a border area connecting the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh.

The tattering education system and lack of information and rural information centres has led the youth of the area to become an easy prey of nefarious designs.

"In view of the tattering educational affairs of the area, the NSWA is constantly working for peace and education. It has brought about a revolution in the educational opportunities available in the Bhalessa area", opined local citizen and retired Zonal Educational Officer, Mir Munwar Din.

This is the first time in the history of

Interestingly, the Centre is financed and managed by the NGO from its own fund (rent of the building, and salary of the part time connected staff). The honorarium of the academic counselors @ Rs.350 per block and other charges of assignment evaluation and salary of coordinator @ Rs.3000 per month is borne by the

Indira Gandhi National Opne University (IGNOU) Special Study Centre Bhalessa organised induction programme here today.

The students who have got admission in different academic courses of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) attended the Induction Session here today.

Dr K K Bhat, Regional Director, IGNOU, focussed on the diversified dilivery system adopted by IGNOU HQs and Regional Centre Jammu.

Referring to vast scope of computer education, he said the revolution of Information Technology hold a bright future for computer professionals. Already our country is marching ahead in computers and gradually the computer trained will assume greater role, he added.

Sadaket Malik Coordinator of the centre in Bhalessa said that computer education and training is vital for keeping the country abreast of technological advances. The computers are going to play a pivotal role in time to come and so the emphasis has to be on this exciting field.

He praised the IGNOU for taking up the massive programme of education through it unique system, which do not require elaborate and costly infrastructure.

Malik assured IGNOU of all co-operation in providing support service to the students who have opted for some computer course.

K K Bhat assured that BCA and MCA classes will be started in this centre keeping in view the demand of the students of the area.

Firdous Malik Head of the Institution G R Azad College of Higher Education Bhalessa stated that the students should upgrade their professional skills so that they can compete well in the job market.

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