Aliah University, Kolkata, West Bengal

Aliah University is located at Kolkata in the state of West Bengal. Aliah was a madrasa founded by the first Governor-General of India in 1781 in Calcutta by Warren Hastings although some sources have the founding date as 1780. Hastings ran the institution out of his pocket for a year and a half until he was later reimbursed by the Bengal Government. It was founded in Baithakkhana near Sealdah, Calcutta but is currently located to the north of Wellesley Square (renamed Haji Md. Mohsin Square) in the Taltala area and some of it parts are located in Salt Lake, sector-V, and Rajarhat. Its first head was Mulla Majduddin but Muhammad Ismail took over in 1791. Beginning in the early stage the school taught Persian, Arabic and Muslim Law (Fiqh) and its graduates were hired as interpreters for the British Raj.

Aliah University started its glorious journey from the 2008-09 academic session with great potential and immense opportunities. It is hoped that this university, harmonizing tradition and modernity, will emerge as a unique institution of higher studies and research. As per Aliah University Act 2007, Section 3 (3), it has been conferred the status of a minority educational institution.

Aliah University has with it the rich heritage of the 229-year old educational and cultural institution, Mohammedan College of Calcutta, popularly known as Madrasah-i-Aliah or Calcutta Madrasah, the first educational institution set up in India in 1780 by Warren Hestings, the then Governor General of India. Thus, one of the oldest centres of higher learning and culture, the institution is steeped in history. Many eminent scholars were associated with this institution as administrators, principals, teachers as well as students.

Calcutta Madrasah was upgraded to Calcutta Madrasah College and then to Aliah University by the Government of West Bengal through Aliah University Act XXVII of 2007 passed in West Bengal Legislative Assembly.

Faculties & Departments:

1) Faculty of Theology
     * Department of Islamic Theology
     * Department of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law

2) Faculty of Humanities And Social Sciences
     * Department of Economics
     * Department of Education
     * Department of Islamic Studies
     * Department of Media Science (Journalism and Mass Communication)

3) Faculty of Languages
     * Department of Arabic
     * Department of English
     * Department of Bengali

4) Faculty of Natural Sciences
     * Department of Chemistry
     * Department of Computer Science
     * Department of Physics
     * Department of Mathematics
     * Department of Statistics
     * Department of Biosciences
     * Department of Geography

5) Faculty of Commerce And Business

     * Department of Commerce
     * Department of Islamic Banking, Finance, and Insurance

6) Faculty of Engineering
     * Department of Computer Engineering
     * Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
     * Department of Electrical Engineering
     * Department of Mechanical Engineering
     * Department of Civil Engineering
     * Department/Centre of/for Vocational Studies

7) Faculty of Management Sciences
     * Department of Hospital Management
     * Department of Marketing and Retail Management
     * Department of Financial Management

8) Faculty of Medical Sciences
     * Department of Nursing

Courses Offered:

       # 2-Year Kamil (General) in Islamic Theology
       # 3-Year Kamil (Hons) in Islamic Theology
       # 2-Year Mumtazul Muhaddethin (M.M.) in Islamic Theology
       # 3-Year B.A. (Hons) in Arabic
       # 5-Year integrated M.A. in English
       # 2-Year M.A. in English
       # 2-Year M.A. in Bengali
       # 2-Year M.A. in History
       # 5-Year integrated M.Sc. in Geography
       # 2-Year M.Sc. in Geography
       # 5-Year integrated M.Sc. in Economics
       # 5-Year integrated M.Sc. in Computer Science
       # 5-Year integrated M.Sc. in Chemistry (with specialization in Medicinal Chemistry)
       # 5-Year integrated M.Sc. in Physics (with specialization in Engineering Physics)
       # 5-Year integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics & Computing
       # 5-Year integrated M.Sc. in Statistics & Informatics
       # 4-Year B.Tech. / 5-year dual-degree M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering
       # 4-Year B.Tech. / 5-year dual-degree M.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering
       # 4-Year B.Tech. / 5-year dual-degree M.Tech. in Electrical Engineering
       # 4-Year B.Tech. / 5-year dual-degree M.Tech. in Civil Engineering
       # 4-Year B.Tech. / 5-year dual-degree M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering
       # 5-Year integrated MBA with specialization in Hospital, Retail, and Financial Management
       # 5-Year integrated MCA
       # 2-Year M.A./M.Sc. in Journalism & Mass Communication

Contact Us:

Aliah University

Head Office
21, Haji Md. Mohsin Square,
Kolkata-700016, India

Salt Lake Office
DN-41, Sector-V, Salt Lake
Kolkata-700091, India

Phone: 91-33-27062124, 27062125


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