Dravidian University, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, India

The Dravidian University, Kuppam, Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India. The Dravidian University was founded on October 20, 1997 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, with the initial support extended by the governments of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala for an integrated development of Dravidian languages. which is only 4 kms away from Karnataka, 8 kms from Tamil Nadu and of course very close to Kerala border, which is less than 4.5 hrs drive.  The principle objective of the establishment of the Dravidian University is to promote integrated studies on the common heritage of the Dravidian speakers facilitating a strong perception of oneness among them.

The University which had functioned with only 5 Departments, 3 P.G and 5 U.G. courses upto 2004 has in 2006 obtained U.G.C. 12B recognition for grants with the successful starting of five more Departments in addition to 6 courses under self financing scheme. The budget too looked up from 2.8 crores to 6 crores. The 21st Century Gurukulam was another feather in the cap. An extra 3 crores were spent on new buildings. Separate hostels for men and women students too came up. Now we have 17 Departments and 6 Centres. The Courses are enhanced to 24. U.G.C generously granted 1.38 crores at the near closing of its 10th Plan.


It offers courses in

    * Comparative Dravidian Literature And Translation Studies
    * Human And Social Sciences
    * Education And Human Resources Development
    * Comparative Dravidian Arts And Aesthetics
    * Science, Information And Technology

Distance Education :

    * UG & PG courses
    * MBA & MCA
    * M.Phil & Ph.D

Schools & Departments:

1. School of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies
                * Department of Comparative Philosophy and Religion
                * Department of Telugu Language and Translation Studies
                * Department of Tamil Language and Translation Studies
                * Department of Kannada Language and Translation Studies
                * Department of Malayalam Language and Translation Studies
                * Department of Tulu and Translation Studies
                * Department of English and Communications

2. School of Human and Social Sciences
                * Department of History , Archeology and Culture
                * Department of Folklore and Tribal Studies
                * Department of Comparative Philosophy and Religion
                * Department of Traditional Knowlegde And Manuscriptology

3. School of Education and Human Resources Development
                * Department of Education and Human Resources Development
                * Department of Language Teaching Technology
                * Department of Physical Education

4. School of Herbal studies and Naturo Sciences
                * Department of Bio-Technology
                * Department of Chemistry
               * Department of Molecular Biology
                * Department of Herbal Science
                * Department of Environmental Science

5. School of Information Sciences & Technology
                * Department of Computer Science
                * Department of Mathematical Sciences
                * Department of Library & Information Science

6. School of Commerce and Management
                * Department of Commerce
                * Department of Business Management

7. Other Centres
                * Centre for Dravidian Lexicography
                * Nadusiri: South Indian Folk Museum and Archives
                * Giripadam: Centre for Preservation of Endangered Dravidian Languages.
               * Prasaranga: Centre for Publications & Extension Services
                * Anusrjana: Translation Bureau
               * Women Studies Cell
                * University Computer Centre
                * Centre for Examinations

Contact Us:

Dravidian University,Kuppam
KUPPAM - 517 425,
INDIA TEL: +91-8570-278220,
FAX: +91-8570-278230



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