Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi, India

Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) is the institute for advanced education in agriculture in India. It was established in 1905 as the Imperial Agricultural Research Institute. The campus was originally located in Pusa, samastipur, Bihar and was shifted after the Bihar earthquake of 1934 to New Delhi to a place that is now called Pusa in New Delhi. The institute was recognized as a 'deemed university' in 1958 by an act of Parliament and since then it has awarded M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. It is financed and administered by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). The IARI was responsible for the research leading to the "Green revolution" of the 1970s.

Established: 1905
Director: Dr. Hari Shankar Gupta (In 2009)
Location: Pusa Campus, New Delhi, India


The Institute at present admits students to the Post Graduate School under five separate streams as indicated below:

A) Open competition

B) Faculty Upgradation Scheme (FUS)

C) Departmental stream (Scientific & Technical)

D) I.C.A.R. in-service nominees

E) Foreign students

System of Admission

(i) M.Sc. degree courses : Entrance examination for admission to M.Sc. degree courses at IARI is undertaken by the Education Division of ICAR and on the basis of the merit, the ICAR finalizes the admission for M.Sc. degree courses in 23 disciplines at IARI.

(ii) Ph.D. degree courses : Admission to the Ph.D. courses in 22 disciplines shall be made on the basis of the performance of candidates in the written entrance examination (70% weightage) + academic score (20% weightage) + interview (10% weightage).

Entrance examination will consist of one paper of three parts : Part I (General Agriculture) and Part II & III (Subject Paper) and academic score shall be calculated on the basis of percentage of marks obtained in various examinations from matric (X standard) onwards.


The Scholarships/Fellowship is offered as financial assistance to the post-graduate students at IARI. This provision is made to assist as many students as possible who have good academic record and who are making diligent efforts to pursue higher education.

IARI Scholarships

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Institute) Junior and Senior Scholarship shall be awarded to M.Sc. and Ph.D. students admitted under General Open Competition Scheme on the following terms and conditions: The Awards shall be made by the Dean and Joint Director (Education) of the Institute on the advice of the “Standing Committee on Scholarships Financial Assistance and Academic Progress”, which shall take into consideration the merit of each applicant based initially on his admission and subsequently on his performance at the School.

Facilities || Contact Us

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Biosytematics and Identification Services

* Herbarium Cryptogamae Indiae Orientalis (HCIO)

* Indian Type Culture Collection (ITCC)

* Insect Biosystematics

* Nematode Biosystematics

Library Facility

IARI Library is one of the largest and the finest agrobiological libraries in South East Asia housing a total of 6 lakh publications including 1 lakh books/monographs, 3,50,000 journal volumes, 45,000 bulletins, 15,000 post graduate theses, 10,000 pamphlets, 30,000 news clippings, 30,000 reports, and other reference materials. The Library has, on its role, 2000 members, viz., students, scientists and technical staff. It also serves about 8,000 visitors every year. The Library functions as the depository of FAO, IDRC and AVRDC publications and also as the National Depository for CGIAR institutes’ publications.

Phytotron Facilities

The Institute established a National Phytotron Facility in 1997. This is the first facility of its kind in the country to study the live responses of plants under controlled conditions and the possible impact of climate change and greenhouse gases. It has a self-contained area of 2700 m2, housing 22 growth chambers and 10 greenhouses. The facility is made available for plant scientists belonging to ICAR, CSIR, SAUs, traditional universities and agro-industries to understand the complicated interaction of physiochemical environments and living systems, especially the plants and their pathogens.

Other Facilities

* National Microbial, Nematode and Insect Collections and Conservation Facilities

* Central Seed Testing Laboratory

* Quality Seed Facility

* Facility for Protective Agriculture

* Pesticide Referral Laboratory

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Contact Us:

Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Pusa Campus,

New Delhi - 110 012

Director: Dr. Hari Shankar Gupta

Ph: +91-11-25843375, 25733367

Fax: +91-11-25846420


Jt. Director (Research): Dr. K.R. Koundal

Ph: +91-11-25733378


Jt.Director (Education) & Dean: Dr. H.S. Gaur

Ph: +91-11-25733382


Jt. Director (Extention): Dr. Baldeo Singh

Ph: +91-11-25733387


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