Indian Maritime University (IMU), Chennai

Indian Maritime University (IMU)

Indian Maritime University (IMU), which was established through an Act of Parliament on 14th November 2008, has been playing a vital role in the development of the human resource required in the maritime sector. The Indian Maritime University, being the first of its kind in the country cater to the educational requirement of the maritime fraternity.

It is a teaching and affiliating University which offers under graduate and post graduate degree and research programs in all disciplines of maritime sector. The IMU has campuses at Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Visakhapatnam and Cochin.

The IMU follows a syllabus recommended by the World Maritime University, Sweden, which functions directly under the International Maritime  Organisation, United Kingdom. It offers various certificates, diploma, degree, engineering, management and revalidation courses.

“IMU aims at providing you an excellent opportunity to improve your knowledge and understanding of the maritime and transportation industry as well
as to strengthen your managerial skills. You are encouraged to share your views on the dynamic world of shipping with us and with your fellow students
from all over India. On completion, you will be able to navigate successfully a skilled knowledgeable professional, into the upper echelons of the maritime  and transportation sector”.

Port Courses:

IMU offers training programme in all functional areas of Port & Shipping Management for the officials of Ports and related sectors. The areas include traffic operations, finance, engineering, human resource management, general management,computer applications etc.


Initially, the University will have the following eight departments:

#  Port Management

#  Nautical Science

#  Marine Engineering

#  Transport & Logistics (Business School)

#  Marine Sciences

#  Maritime Law

#  Naval Architecture & Ship Building

#  Inland Water Transport

Regional Campus

The Indian Maritime University encompasses under its fold the following government institutions

#  National Maritime Academy, Chennai

#  T S Chanakya, Mumbai

#  Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Advanced Maritime Studies & Research, Mumbai

#  Marine Engineering Research Institute, Mumbai

#  Marine Engineering Research Institute, Kolkata

#  Indian Institute of Port Management, Kolkata

#  National Ship Design & Research Centre, Visakhapatnam

i. IMU Chennai Campus
East Coast Road, Uthandi, Chennai - 600 119
Phone: +91 (44) 2453 0343, 2453 0345 Fax: +91 (44) 2453 0342
Email : Website :

ii. IMU Mumbai Campus
Karave, New Mumbai 400 706
Tel. : (022) 2770 1935 / 2770 3876 Fax : (022) 2770 0398
Email :

iii. IMU Kolkata Campus
P-19, Taratalla Road, Kolkata 700 088
Tel. : (033) 2401 4673 / 76 & 78 Fax : (033) 2401 4333.
Email :

iv. IMU Visakhapatnam Campus
Gandhigram, Visakhapatnam - 530 005
Tel. : (0891) 25 8360 / 257 8364 Fax : (0891) 257 7754.
Email :

v. IMU Cochin Campus
C/o. Training Institute Complex, Cochin Port Trust Willingdon Island, Cochin - 682 003
Tel. : (0484) 2668 642
Email :

Fee Particulars:

(a) Course Fees:

· Rs.500/-  per day per participant for the participants from the Major Ports,  IPA,  IMU Regional Campuses, Ministry of Shipping

· Rs.600/- per day per participant for the participants from Non Major Ports, and Maritime Boards

· Rs.1400/- per day per participant from other organisations

(b) Boarding and Lodging Charges:

· Rs.100/- per day per participant from Ports,  IPA, IMU Regional Campuses,   Ministry of Shipping, Non Major Ports, and Maritime Boards

· Rs.150/- per day for the participants from other organisations (both arrival and departure days inclusive).   The participants may pay boarding and lodging charges directly to NMA.

Contact Us:

Indian Maritime University
(A Central University, Govt. of India)
East Coast Road, Uthandi,
Chennai - 600 119
Phone: +91 (44) 2453 0343, 2453 0345
Fax: +91 (44) 2453 0342
Email :
Website : /

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