Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi is situated at Dwarka in Delhi, India. IIIT Delhi is an autonomous university. IIIT Delhi was created as a State University by an act of Delhi Government (The IIIT Delhi Act, 2007) in 2008 with seed support from the Government of NCT of Delhi.

The transit campus of IIIT Delhi is on the 3rd Floor of the Library Building of NSIT, where over 15000 sq ft of space is available to IIITD. A new modern campus for IIIT Delhi is being built in Okhla, where 25 acres of land has been allotted for this purposes.

IIIT-D aims to be a research-oriented university with focus on technological research at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Its twin aims are:

  • To carry out advanced research and development in information and software technologies, and in leveraging IT in specific domain areas.
  • To train and educate, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, engineers of outstanding ability who can become innovators and leaders.

To encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in specified domain areas of IT. Towards this end it plans to organize itself as a conglomerate of R&D Centers, some of which would be in partnership with different companies and global organizations. All centers will also be engaged in teaching and thesis guidance. These centers, with various labs, will be the hub of activity, with active contribution from faculty and students—BTech, MTech and PhD.

Courses Offered:

IIIT Delhi currently has two programs

1. B.Tech.(IT) : IT is now becoming a discipline that is distinct from Computer Science. Instead of focusing on applying Information Technology alone, this foundational program derives heavily from Computer Science programs, and is supplemented with suitable IT oriented courses of the students choice. Another unique feature of this course is that the first year is not spent on teaching basic math and sciences but consists of foundational CS courses like Digital Circuits and Discrete Mathematics.

2. Ph.D. (Computer Science) : A PhD student is admitted into IIITD, from where he/she will get the degree. Interview for admission may be done jointly by IIITD and the partner group. The main supervisor of the PhD scholar will be from IIITD; there may be a co-supervisor from the partner group.


IIIT Delhi aims to have focused research groups in some areas of IT and some domain areas. The number and nature of research areas will evolve as more faculty and research staff joins. Current areas of research are:

  • Image Analysis and Biometrics
  • Information Management and Data Analytics
  • Mobile and Ubiquitous computing
  • Security and Privacy
  • Software Engineering

Contact us:

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
3rd Floor, Library Building
NSIT Campus
Dwarka, Sector 3
New Delhi - 110078
Ph: +91-11-2509 9177
Fax: +91-11-2509 9176


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