Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU), Darbhanga

The Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU) was started in 1972. The University, initially started functioning from in the Mohanpur House at Sara Mohanpur village of Darbhanga - Sakri route. Later in 1975, it was shifted to the campus belonging to Raj Darbhanga. The university with its national and international linkage, imparts quality education in fields such as Humanities, Social Science, Life Science, Commerce and Medicine etc., with various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. More than 400 faculty of national and international repute belonging to different fields are engaged in teaching and research activities. The institute is self contained beautiful with green residential campus of about 200 acres (0.81 km2) with all the modern facilities and support services for its students and faculties.

Academic Programme:

Current academic programmes offered within the University under the following categories :
   * UG  3 year degree course
   * PG – 2 year course
   * Certificate Course
   * Diploma Course
   * P.G. Diploma
   * Ph.D.
   * Vocational 3 years Hons.


   * Department of Bio-technology
   * Department of Botany
   * Department of Chemistry
   * Department of Commerce & Business Administration
   * Department of Economics
   * Department of English
   * Department of Geography
   * Department of Hindi
   * Department of History
   * Department of Home Science
   * Department of Maithili
   * Department of Mathematics
   * Department of Music & Dramatics
   * Department of Philosophy
   * Department of Physics
   * Department of Political Science
   * Department of Psychology
   * Department of Sanskrit
   * Department of Sociology
   * Department of Urdu
   * Department of Zoology

Library: This University is the proud possessor of a magnificent library which has as its nucleus 70,935 volumes of rare books, journals and manuscripts donated by the liberal Darbhanga Raj in 1975.

Hostels: University have the provison for seperate hostels for boys and girls.


Total Number of Affiliated Colleges - 24
Total Number of Constituent Colleges – 43

Contact Us:

Lalit Narayan Mithila University,
Kameshwar Nagar,

Vice-Chancellor :
Dr. Raj Mani Prasad Sinha    
Tele Phone: 06272-222463    
Fax: 06272-222598    

Pro-Vice-Chancellor :
Dr. Gopal Pd. Singh    
Tele Phone: 06272-222186



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