Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University (Bhoj University), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

The Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University (Bhoj University), is situated in the capital Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh. Historically, Bhopal was also the name of a state of central India. Bhoj University is a public university in Bhopal. MPBOU was established under an Act of State Assembly in 1991. This university aims to extend and expand higher education by reaching the un-reached through various flexible means suited to the open and distance education mode using emerging information and communication technology. Besides, it also has collaboration and several institutes like the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and Indian Institute of Material Management (IIMM) etc. The university aims to provide easily accessible system of teaching and learning by using different educational inputs like practical classes, distance teaching, satellite communication teaching etc. The university gives special emphasis to special target groups of learners coming from rural areas and specially those suffering from disabilities.


Bhopal is 741 km from Delhi, 789 km from Mumbai, and about 200 kms from Indore.
Air :- Bhopal is connected by regular Alliance Air flights to Mumbai, Indore, Delhi and Gwalior. Airport is 15 km from the city center.
Rail :- Bhopal is on one of the two main Delhi to Mumbai railway lines and also on the main line to the southern state capitals of Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Thiruvananthpuram. There are direct trains to Amritsar and Jammu Tawi and also to major towns in Madhya Pradesh.
Road :- There are extensive bus services (private and state) to cities within the region and interstate.


School of Basic Science
School of Health Science
Institute of Information Technology
Department of Multimedia Education
Department of Special Education
Department of HACT
School of Management

Academic Programmes:

1. Management & Commerce Programmes
      * Master of Business Administration - MBA
      * M.B.A. (Material Management)
      * Master of International Business –MIB
      * Master of Business Economics – MBE
      * Master of Commerce (Account)
      * Master of Commerce (Management)
      * Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA
      * Bachelor of Commerce - B.Com
      * PG Diploma in Management -PGDIM
      * PG Diploma in Tourism and Hotel Management -PGDTHM
      * PG Diploma in Heritage Management -PGDHM
      * PG Diploma in Company Secretaryship-PGDCS
      * PG Diploma in Disaster Management (PGDDM)
      * Certificate in Tourism Marketing (CTM)
      * Diploma in Business Administration -DBA
      * Diploma in Management - DIM
      * Diploma in Air Fare and Ticketing (DAFT)

2. Information Technology & Computer Science Programmes
      * Master in Computer Application -MCA
      * Bachelor Degree with Maths
      * Master in Computer Application –MCA (Lateral Entry)
      * PGDCA from MPBOU & any UGC Recognised University
      * Master of Science(Computer Science)- MCS
      * Bachelor degree in Math/Physics/Electronics /Computer Science
      * Bachelor degree in Math/Physics/Electronics /Computer Science
      * PG Diploma in Computer Application
      * Bachelor of Science in Information Technology)
      * Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
      * Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)
      * Diploma in Web & Multimedia Technology –DWMT
      * Diploma in Linux Essentials – DLE
      * Diploma in Education Technology - DET
      * Certification in Computer Applications - CCA

3. Basic Science Programmes
      * Master of Science (Zoology, Botany, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics)
      * Bachelor of Science (Maths Group, Physics/ Electronics, Bio Group)
      * PG Dip. in Bio-Informatics –PGDBI
      * PG Dip. in Chemo-Informatics - PGDCI

4. Health Science Programmes
      * Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Therapeutic Nutrition (PGDDTN)
      * PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management (PGDHHM)
      * Post Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy and Nutrition (PGDPN)
      * Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education (DNHE)

5. Humanities and Social Science Programmes
      * Master of Arts(Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology, Geography, Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archaeology)
      * Master Social Work (MSW)
      * Master of Laws
      * LLB
      * Bachelor of Arts

6. Need Based other Programmes
      * Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS)
      * Bachelor of Library & Information Science (BLIS)
      * Master of Journalism & Mass Comm.
      * Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Comm.
      * PG Diploma in Remote Sensing(PRS)
      * Bachelor of Science (Design & Fashion Tech.)
      * Diploma in Design & Fashion Technology (DFT)
      * Certificate in Design & Fashion Technology (CFT)
      * PG Diploma in Yoga Therapy
      * Certificate in Human Rights(CHR)
      * Certificate in Rural Development(CRD)
      * Certificate in Environmental Studies(CES)
      * Certificate in Communication Skills (CCS)

7. Department of Education (General)
      * Master of Education (M.Ed.)
      * Bachelor of Education(B.Ed-GEDE)
      * Diploma in Education(D.Ed)

8. Department of Education B.Ed. (Special)
      * Bachelor of Special Education (B.Ed. SEDE)
      * PGPD
      * B.Ed. Teacher

Contact Us:

Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University,
Kolar Road,

Vice Chancellor : Prof.(Dr.)S.K. Singh,
Telephone No :
R - 0755-2494185
R - 0755-2494094
O - 0755-2424660
Fax - 0755-2424640

Registrar: Shri Vijay Sharma,
Office : 0755-2492093(O)



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