Tezpur University, Tezpur, Assam

Tezpur University campus is at Napaam about 15 kms. East of Tezpur in Assam. The University was established in 1994 by an Act of Parliament (Act. No. 45, 1993). The Napaam campus of the University is in a plot of an area of 242 acres of land. The campus is bounded by pucca walls. Napaam is linked by a PWD road from the National Highway No. 37A at almost midpoint between Kalia-Bhomora bridge and Misson Chariali.

Tezpur is linked by road and rail with the rest of the state and the country. There is also a tri-weekly flight service between Kolkata and Tezpur.

The objectives of Central University are:

  • It shall strive to offer employment oriented and inter-disciplinary courses, mostly, at postgraduate level to meet local, regional aspirations and development needs of the State of Assam
  • It shall offer courses and promote research in areas which are of special relevance to the region and in emerging areas in science and technology
  • Shall promote national integration and study of rich cultural heritage of the region and, in particular, the diverse ethnic, linguistic and tribal cultures of the State
  • It shall utilize "distance education techniques" to provide access to higher education for large segments of the population, the disadvantaged groups living in remote and rural areas
  • It shall upgrade the professional knowledge and skills of in service personnel for life-long learning.

Tezpur University is a unitary type university.

Schools & Departments & Courses:

1. School of Energy, Env. & Net. Resources
      * Department of Energy
        Courses: M. Tech. in Energy Technology

      * Department of Environmental Science
        Courses: M. Sc in Environmental Science

2. School of Engineering
      * Department of Computer Science and Engineering
        Courses: B. Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering,   Master of Computer Application (MCA),   M. Tech. in Information Technology*

      * Department of Civil Engineering
      * Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
        Courses: B. Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering, M. Tech. in Electronics Design & Technology, M. Tech. in Bioelectronics

      * Department of Food Processing Technology
        Courses: M. Sc. in Food Processing Technology

      * Department of Mechanical Engineering
        Courses: B. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering

3. School of Humanities & Social Science
      * Department of Cultural Studies
        Courses: M. A. in Cultural Studies (Modular)

      * Department of English and Foreign Languages
        Courses: M.A. in English, One year Certificate in Chinese (full time)

      * Department of Mass Comm. and Journalism
        Courses: M. A. in Mass Communication and Journalism

      * Department of Sociology
        Courses: M.A. in Sociology

4. School of Management Science
      * Department of Business Administration
        Courses: Master of Business Administration, PG Diploma in Tourism Management (Modular)

      * Department of Disaster Management

5. School of Science & Technology
      * Department of Chemical Science
        Courses: M. Sc. in Applied, Chemistry

      * Department of Mathematical Science
        Courses: M.A./ M. Sc. in Mathematics, M. Tech. in Computational Seismology

      * Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
        Courses: M. Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

      * Department of Physics
        Courses: M. Sc. in Physics, M. Sc. in Nanoscience & Technology

Ph.D. Programmes: Currently PhD programme is offered in all the departments except the Department of Sociology, Food Processing Technology and Mechanical Engineering.


      * Central Library
      * Computer Centre
      * Research & Development Guest Houses
      * Hostel
      * Health Centre
      * Tezpur University IPR Cell
      * Equal Opportunity Cell
      * Training & Placement
      * Information Cell
      * Sports
      * Adventure Sports Club

Contact Us:

Tezpur University,   
Tezpur, Assam,

Ph: +91-3712-267007 (Extn. 3141),   
Fax: +91-3712-267006

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