UP Board Important Questions English (Prose) Class 10th (2011) Set-2

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UP Board Important Questions

Class - X


Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words:

1. Where did Yudhishthira go and why?

2. How did Yudhishthira prove that he was impartial?

3. Why did Yudhishthira want Madai’s son Nakula revived in preference to his other brothers?

4. Why was Lencho sad?What was his only hope?

5. Why did Lencho write a writer a letter to God? Who received the letter and what did he do?

6. What did Lencho write in his letter to God? How did he place it in the mail?

7. When did Lancho write in his second letter to God?

8. Why does Nehru call the Ganga ‘the river of India’?

9. What does the Ganga symbolize?

10. Why did Nehru want the major portion of his ashes scattered over the fields of India?

11. What, according to Nehru, should India get rid of?

12. How can it be said that the Ganga at Allahabad was very dear to Pt. Nehru?

13. Who was Socrates? What were his teachings?

14. Why was Socrates condemned to death? What was his reaction to the death sentence?

15. Who was Crito? What did Socrates request Crito?

16. To whom did the man want to give all his money?

17. How did the second son prove that he was more intelligent than his elder brother?

18. What does a good citizen do?

19. Why were Guru Nanak and Mardana forced to spend the night in the open?

20. How did the people of the first village treat Guru NanaK and Mardana? What did Nanak say about them?

21. How did the people of the other village treat their visitors?

22. Why was Brahma sad? Who helped Him and how?

23. Why did Akbar and Tansen go to the Himalayas?

24. What did Tansen do to make Hari Das sing for Akbar?

25. Why was Hari Das’s music soul-stirring?

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