UP Board Important Questions English (Prose) Class 10th (2011) Set-5

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Answer any one of the following questions in about 60 words:

Q1. Give a Character sketch of Yudhishthira.

Ans. Yidhishthira was the eldest of all Pandavas. They were five in all. They had been living in exile. Yudhishthira loved his brothers most. When he saw them lying dead, he could not bear their separation. He cried loudly and mourned. Yudhishthira was brave to face any situation. He was very intelligent also. He answered all questions asked by Yaksha satisfactorily. Yudhishthira loved justice very much. He Kunti’s son, was alive. But Madri’s son was dead. So he chose Nakula to be revived so that the scales of justice should be even.

Q2. Who was Lencho? Why did he write a letter to God? Who received the letter and what did he do?

Q3. Why does Nehru call the Ganga ‘the river of India’? What did the Ganga remind Nehru of?

Q4. Who was Socrates? What did he teach the people? Why did he become famous?

Q5. What test did the old merchant give to his two sons to find out who was the cleverer of them? Why did he want to judge them?

Q6. What did Guru Nanak experience in the two villages? What was his reaction to them?

Q7. Who was Swami Hari Das? Why did Akbar want to hear Him? Why could he not call Hari Das to his court? What did he do then?

Q8. How did Tansen make his Guru sing? Why do you think this ruse (trick) was so successful?

Q9. How did Tansen prove to Akbar that his teacher’s music was superior to his own? What reason did he give for it?

Q10. Describe the trial and death of Socrates.

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