UP Board Important Questions (Supplementary Reader) Class 10th (2011) Set-3

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UP Board Important Question

Class - X

Supplementary Reader

Answer any two of the following questions in about 25 words:

1. Who was Edison? Describe the invention that made him famous all over America?

2. Why was Edition taken out of School?

3. What made the teacher think Edison was stupid and naughty?

4. What was the promise that Edison made and kept to him countrymen?

5. Why did the guilty tremble before Vikramaditya?

6. What guess did the king of Ujjain make about the boy?

7. What did the king decide to do?

8. Why is Vikramaditya called ‘the greatest judge in history’? Why did the guilty tremble before him?

9. Why was King Vikramaditya so famous?

10. Lez Long is said to be fine example of Coubertin’s ideal. What was Coubertin’s statement about the Olympic Games?

11. What was expected of Jesse Owens and Why?

12. Why was Jesse Owens angry?

13. What was Jesse Owens’s greatest Olympic Prize? How could he achieve it?

14. Who was the founder of Modern Olympic Game?

15. Why was Edison dismissed from his job?

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