UP Board Chemistry Question Paper (1st Paper) Class 12th 2011 (Set-2)

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UP Board Question Paper 2011
Subject: Chemistry (First Paper)
Class : XII
(General and Inorganic Chemistry)
(Only for Science Groups and Commercial Groups)
Time: 3 Hours                                                                               Marks: 35

General Instruction:
i). All questions are compulsory. Marks allotted to each question are given in the margin.
ii). Give relevant answers to the questions.
iii). In numerical questions, give all the steps of calculation.
iv). Give chemical equations wherever necessary.

1. In each part of this question four alternatives are given. Select the correct alternative and write it in Your answer book:

   a). The compound exhibiting highest oxidation of chlorine in

                  i) ClO2               ii).Cl2O                     iii).Cl2O7                    iv).NaClO3                                        1

   b). Number of unpaired electron in Ni+2(Z=28) ion is

            i). 1                ii).2                 iii).3                  iv).8                                                                           1

   c). The half-life period of a radioactive isotope is 10 hours. The half life period of 2.0g of the same substance is

       i). 2.5 hr                ii).5hr                 iii).10                      iv).40                                                               1

2. a) Following tow sets are given for each of the tow elements. Which bond will be there are the Compound formed by the elements present in each of these sets? Write the electronic structure of the following.

                    i). [Mg,O]                               ii).[H,O]                                                                                      2

    b). Balance the following equation :

           Fe2+ + NO3- + H+ → Fe3+ +….+ H2O                                                                                                     1

3. a). Explain the magnetic nature of

                  12Mg++ and 28Ni                                                                                                                   1

    b). How many liters of n2 gas will be obtained by heating 16.0 g of ammonium nitrite?                    1

    c). Electrode potentials of any four elements are -1.36, +0.32, +1.36 and -0.42 respectively. Oxide of which element will be most stable ?Explain.                                                        1

4. 51ml of sodium carbonate solution required 30ml of N/10 HCl neutralization. How much water Should be added to 50 ml of this solution so that the normality of the obtained solution will be N/10 ?                                        3

5. a). In each parts of this question four alternatives are given .Select the correct alternative and write it in your answer-book:

    x). Inert gas forming maximum compounds is

              i). Xe               ii)Ar                    iii) Ne                       iv) He                                                         1

   y). Glass is

         i). A crystalline solid

        ii) Supercooled liquid

       iii) A solid having definite melting point

       iv). A compound of Ca, Na, Si, and O                                                                                                     1

   b) Write the names of tow phosphatic fertilizers.

   c). Give the labeled diagram of the furnace used in roasting.                                                                      1

6. a) Mention the main four characteristics of long form periodic table based on the modern periodic law.            2

     b). Discuss the position of Vth group elements in the periodic table on the basis of electronic configuration .       2

    c). Which has less ionic radii between   Ca2+ and K+ ? Why.                                                        1

7. a) Describe with equation, the purification of bauxite ore by hall’s method.                                                          2

    b) Write the method preparing anhydrous Aluminium chloride. Also give related equation.                                    1

8. a). Haw will you obtain-

                 (Give chemical equation only)

                  i). Barium chloride from barium nitrate?

                 ii). Cuprous oxide from copper sulphate?                                                        1+1

   b). What happens when –

         (Give chemical equation only)

                i). Alkaline potassium ferri-cyanide reacts with H2O2 ?

               ii). Sulphur is heated with caustic soda solution.?                                          1+1

9. a). Write the method for preparing Mohrs salts its use.                                               2

    b). Sulphuric acid is a dehydrating agent. Clarify given equation.                                  1

    c). Write two used of zinc oxide.                                                                                    1

10. Describe Ostwald,s method with diagram for industrial manufacture of nitric acid. Haw will you test NO3- radical in it? Write chemical equations of related reaction.                                                                     3


Describe briefly any method of preparation of ozone. Write two reactions for showing oxidizing property and write also its tow uses.

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