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Kolkata: A good percentile in CAT 2009 and an impressive performance in group discussion and personal interview may not be enough to get you into the IIMs as they have added a new criteria from this year: Your scores in matriculation, higher secondary and graduation.

For instance, IIM-Calcutta is taking into account work experience and grades in these three examinations while screening candidates for GD and interview for selection to the postgraduate diploma in computer management course.

"Out of 100 marks, 75 have been allotted to the CAT score, 10 each for Class X and HS scores, and the remaining five marks for work experience," said an IIM-C official. Candidates scoring 95% in Class X and HS will get the full 10 marks, while those getting over 90% eight marks each. Those getting 85-90% will get six marks, 80-85% four marks.

source: TOI

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