Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla

The Himachal Pradesh University is situated in the Summer Hills, Shimla, the campus occupies an area of 200 acres. The Himachal Pradesh University, a premier institution of teaching and research in the country, was established on 22 July 1970 by an Act of the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly. It is wholly financed by the Government of Himachal Pradesh and the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. It enjoys the status of an ‘A’ class University according to the UGC grading system. The University is situated nearly 5 km away from the town, at Summer Hill, a quiet suburb of Shimla in the vicinity of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study.

Faculties & Courses Offered:

1. Ayurveda

2. Commerce and Management
     * Master Of Philosophy in Commerce
     * Master Of Commerce
     * Diploma in Accounting and Taxation
     * Master of Business Administration
     * Master of Personnel Management
     * Master of International Business Management
     * Master Of Finance & Control
     * Vocational Studies:
     * Master of Tourism Administration

3. Dental Science

4. Education
     * Master of Philosoply in Education
     * Master in Education
     * Bachelor in Education(Annual System)
     * P.G. Diploma in Adult Education
     * P.G. Diploma in Guidance & Counselling
     * Master in Physical Education

5. Language
     * Master Of Philosophy in English
     * Master of Arts in English
     * Master of Philosophy in Hindi
     * Master of Arts in Hindi
     * Master of Translation (Hindi & English)
     * Master of Philosophy in Sanskrit
     * Master of Arts of Sanskrit

6. Law
     * Ph.D. in Law
     * Master of Laws
     * Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.)

7. Life Sciences
     * Master Of Philosophy in Botany
     * Master Of Science in Botany
     * Master of Philosophy in Zoology
     * Master of Zoology
     * Master of Sciences in Bio-Technology

8. Medical Science

9. Performing and Visual Arts
     * Master of Arts in Music
     * Master of Arts in Performing Art
     * Master of Arts in Performing Art
     * Master of Arts in Visual Art

10. Physical Sciences
     * Master of Philosophy in Chemistry
     * Master of Science in Chemistry
     * Master of Philosophy in Physics
     * Master of Sciences in Physics
     * Master of Sciences in Physics (Electronic Science)
     * Master of Computer Applications
     * P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications
     * Bachelor of Computer Applications
     * Master of Philosophy in Mathematics & Statistics
     * Master of Arts/Sciences in Mathematics & Statistics

11. Social Science
     * Master of Philosophy in Economics
     * Master of Arts in Economics
     * Master of Business Economics
     * P. G. Diploma in Population Studies
     * Master of Philosophy in Geography
     * Master of Arts in Geography
     * Master Of Arts in Of History
     * Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communication
     * Master Of Philosophy in Political Sciences
     * Master of Arts in Political Sciences
     * Master Of Philosophy in Psychology
     * Master Of Arts in Psychology
     * Master of Philosophy in Public Administration
     * Master of Arts in Public Administration
     * P.G. Diploma in Human Resource Development
     * Master of Philosophy in Sociology

12. Computer Science
     * Bachelor of Computer Science
     * PGDCA
     * Certificate Course in Computer Programming (CCCP)

13. Bio-Technology
     * Master of Sciences in Biotechnology (M.Sc. Biotechnology)
     * Master of Philosophy  in Biotechnology (M.Phil. Biotechnology)

14. Journalism & Mass Communication
     * Bachelor’s course in Journalism and Mass Communication
     * Master’s course in Journalism and Mass Communication
     * Ph.D. in Journalism and Mass Communication

Engineering colleges under Himachal Pradesh University

    * UIIT,Shimla
    * IITT college of Engineering,Kala Amb
    * Jawaharlal Nehru Government Engineering College, Sundernagar
    * Institute of Engineering and Emerging Technologies,Baddi
    * Green Hills Engineering College,Kumarhatti
    * M.G.Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bodhoo, Dist Mandi
    * L.R.Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solan

Contact Us:

Himachal Pradesh University
Summer Hill, Shimla - 171 005
Himachal Pradesh

Phones: Office: 0177 - 2831363
Fax No: 0177- 2831363


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